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So my bestie Noah wrote this.
It’s about a nice Tuesday where me, him, and Connor skipped school.
I love it lol ♥

BTW Noah has a song out on itunes go check it out!
Dance With You-Noah Davidson

"it was a bright and sunny tuesday schoolday
tuns of things to do that day.
read, write, eat, bus,
but for me that wasn’t cool enough,
so i found my good pals maegan and conner.
fucking the day away, by her locker.
so i said im bored, and i hate my gym work,
why not we go on an adventure.
so out the back doors we all went.
just the three of us, passing through the gym.
once we were out, all we had.
was some gum, 20 bucks, and a bus pass.
so we skipped through midtown, scared as fuck.
especially with truancy riding our butts.
but none the less we got on the train.
to lenox is where we would spend our day.
so we smelled perfume, and played on macs.
ate some samples, and even took a nap.
so it was way better then the regular thing we do.
and next week when we do it again, we wanna do it with you. (:"

- Original by Noah Davidson about his day skipping with Maegan and Connor and going to the mall. lolz  (via blazedandbeautiful)

(Source: blackpitsforpupils)


Leah Vs. Kristen.





omg! i just fucking died.



“The ovo and that xo” the #weeknd (Taken with instagram)